Each year, thousands of Australians suffer from serious illness or die unexpectedly.  If this were to happen in your family, would you be able to afford:

-          The cost of your preferred education for your children

-          The monthly mortgage payments

-          The cost of additional home or medical help

-          The living expenses to continue with your current lifestyle

-          Continue to save for retirement

The loss or illness of a family member puts a heavy emotional toll on the rest of the family and the financial stress caused could be relieved if sufficient insurance is held.

There are also specific times in your live where you need to re-evaluate your insurance needs such as:

-          Getting married

-          Having children

-          Purchasing property or other assets involving debt

-          Starting your own business

-          Setting up a Self Managed Super Fund

-          Putting together a financial plan

At Mayhill Financial Group we ensure that your ensure needs are reviewed annually to ensure that they remain relevant to your situation.